Understanding what is wrong with your vehicle is part of the solution to your problems.

Is your vehicle blowing smoke?

  • White Smoke = Water issue
  • Black Smoke = Fuel issue
  • Blue Smoke = Engine issue

Don't worry, it may not be as bad as it seems. Nanotechnology has revolutionized the treatment of friction and fuel problems. XSNANO can accomplish what older technologies couldn't, often requiring multiple products to achieve the same results. With XSNANO, you use less product for more effective results. Experience the difference with XSNANO today!

For Fuel related problems

XSNANO NDA for Diesel or NGA for Petrol is an Injector Cleaner, Power Booster, Carbon Cleaner, Engine de-sludger, Fuel-Saver and Emission reducing treatment.

For Engine related problems

XSNANO NLA for Oil treats all and any type of oil and can reduce Engine Noise, Reduce Gear noise, free sticking and hard to shift gears, free up piston sludge and increase power and performance in all engines.


🚗 Achieve up to 28% Improved Fuel Economy 

🌿 Make a Positive Impact with Emission Reductions of up to 98%

🔊 Experience Quieter Operations with a Noise Level Decrease of up to 18 decibels 

🔝 Boost Octane Ratings by 4-8 RON, Eliminating the Need for High Octane Fuel 

🛢️ Keep Your Engine Clean with Effective Carbon Deposit Inhibition 

⚙️ Cleaner Fuel System, Lower Maintenance Costs, and Extended Engine Life 

🌎 Work Wonderfully Across All Engines, Fuels, Climates, and Conditions

🛢️ Reduce Friction and Wear, Prolonging Engine Lifespan 

💥 Withstand High Pressure and Temperatures for Optimal Protection 

🔧 Enhance Power by Up to 34% through Improved Compression 

🚗 Protect and clean your engine and fuel system 

🌿 Clean and prevent crankcase blow-by and exhaust emissions 

🔊 Enjoy a Quieter Engine with Noise Reductions of up to 18 decibels

All these benefits in just one application for fuel and oil.

For all engine related problems

Add XSNANO NLA at 2ml per 1 litre of oil. For regular use and problem prevention use XSNANO NLA at just 1 ml per 1 litre of Oil (Engines, gears, hydraulics, transmissions, wet clutches (all oils) 

For fuel related problems

Use XSNANO NDA (for diesel) or NGA (for petrol) at 3 ml per 10 litres of fuel. For regular use and prevention of problems use at just 1 ml per 10 litres of fuel.

These three products are available in many sizes to suit the application.

It really is that easy!

Just one XSNANO product for Diesel, one for Petrol and one to treat any type of Oil

Read some of the thousands of reviews from our customers here. REVIEWS

Carbon build-up in engines

XSNANO is a game-changer for engine maintenance, offering a powerful solution to remove carbon buildup effectively. By using advanced nanotechnology, XSNANO penetrates deep into engine components, breaking down and eliminating carbon deposits that can hinder performance and efficiency. Regular use of XSNANO ensures smoother engine operation, enhanced fuel efficiency, and prolonged engine life. It’s easy to apply and works quickly, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to maintain their engine in top condition. Experience the dramatic difference with XSNANO and keep your engine running like new!

" Carbon buildup in the after-treatment air cooling system and EGR valve, so to get these figures is a miracle for me as it has and was costing me a fortune in fuel with a blocked DPF, EGR and after-treatment air coolers" "As a mechanic of over 40 years, I can’t recommend your product enough and have been telling everyone of the results I have experienced".

Poor fuel economy

XSNANO fuel-saving additives are revolutionizing fuel efficiency for all types of vehicles. Utilizing cutting-edge nanotechnology, XSNANO additives reduce friction and improve combustion, resulting in significant fuel savings. By optimizing the fuel-air mixture and ensuring a more complete burn, XSNANO enhances engine performance, leading to improved mileage and lower fuel costs. Additionally, these additives help reduce harmful emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment. Easy to use and compatible with all engines, XSNANO is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to maximize their vehicle’s fuel economy and performance. Experience the dramatic improvement with XSNANO and drive further for less!

"22% better fuel economy plus a $0.21 /ltr saving by switching from 98 octane to 91 octane (No need to buy "premium" fuel when using XSNANO)

So, on a tank of fuel (65ltrs) @ $1.00 / ltr I am saving $14.30 (22%) plus $13.65 using lower octane fuel.
A total saving of $27.95 per tank of fuel, plus the protection of your engine and fuel system.
$27.95 divided by 65 = A saving of $0.43cents per litre"
That was based on the fuel price then of just $1.00 per litre. (A long time ago)

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 Controlling "Diesel Bug"

"I have had trouble with diesel bug in the fuel tanks. XSNANO additive has eliminated the diesel bug problem and after the 2nd or 3rd addition to the tanks fuel consumption has improved around 20%. I feel that the truck is definitely driving better. I’m now adding it to all trucks (which are all Kenworth) KWT904
We have only tried the XSNANO fuel treatment at this stage but if their oil treatment is this good, we will be using it too.
At last, we have found something that really works.

Reducing Emissions

XSNANO fuel-saving additives are a breakthrough in reducing vehicle emissions. Leveraging advanced nanotechnology, XSNANO additives enhance fuel combustion, resulting in a cleaner burn and significantly lower emissions. By optimizing the fuel-air mixture and reducing carbon deposits, these additives ensure more efficient engine performance and decrease the release of harmful pollutants. Suitable for all engine types, XSNANO not only improves fuel economy but also contributes to a greener environment. Easy to apply and highly effective, XSNANO fuel-saving additives are the ideal choice for those committed to reducing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainable driving. Experience cleaner emissions with XSNANO!


XSNANO fuel-saving additives offer a proactive solution to prevent costly vehicle repairs. By utilizing cutting-edge nanotechnology, XSNANO reduces friction, cleans fuel systems, and prevents carbon buildup, which are common causes of engine wear and damage. XSNANO additives ensure smoother engine operation and optimal performance, leading to fewer breakdowns and maintenance issues. Regular use of XSNANO can extend engine life, reduce the need for expensive repairs, and save you money in the long run. Compatible with all engine types, XSNANO is an easy and effective way to maintain your vehicle’s health and avoid costly repair bills.

Keep your engine running smoothly with XSNANO!

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