XSNANO Reducing friction and wear in all engines

XSNANO Reducing friction and wear in all engines

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"The vicious cycle"  

What causes an engine to wear or seize up?  

To avoid wear in engines we use oil, as oil is the main source of lubrication used to reduce friction and wear.  

But oil starts to “degrade” from the minute you start your engine.  

The “Vicious Cycle” = Friction causes heat. Heat leads to expansion and more friction.  

Friction and heat cause oil to degrade much faster, thus starting the "vicious cycle".  

Unless this cycle can be broken it will lead to excessive wear, and in the worst case a seizure or breakage of parts.  

Oil change periods (or intervals) are measured by the time it takes the oil you are using to effectively lose its potential to reduce friction and wear.  

For decades we have concentrated on “Sheer Wear” reduction.  

Which are parts sliding against each other causing sheer wear and friction. Lubricant additives have used many different ingredients to attempt better reduce the sheer wear to extend the longevity of the oil. Some with a slight degree of success, and some with dismal failure, giving additives a bad name. 

Advancement in science and technology in the past few decades has created a better way to treat fuel and oil. 

The Solution is now available using new nanotechnology.  

Now we can approach the friction problem by using a “Rolling Lubricant” which greatly reduces the friction and wear in all moving parts. Instead of letting the parts slide and rub against each other (Sheer Wear), we can now use nano-sized rollers to create a rolling surface between all metal parts.  

XSNANO NLA (Nano Lubricant Additive) uses nanospheres of diamonds to create a rolling lubricant that improves engine compression power and performance, reduces friction and wear and reduce emissions.  

The XSNANO NLA is added to oil at a ratio of just one mil per one litre of oil, any type of oil, such as engine, gear, hydraulics, transmissions etc.  

XSNANO is a new and more effective way to treat friction and wear in all engines and gearboxes.  

By reducing friction in your engine and drive train you can immediately notice better fuel economy and smoother much quieter operation of all your machinery.  

When added to your oil XSNANO can greatly extend the life of your oil.   

By removing the causes of oil degradation, XSNANO can more than double the life of your oil while it cleans and protects your engine, which can be another saving.  

Lubrication Solutions Pty Ltd introduced XSNANO into Australia in early 2013 and has recorded amazing results with heavy equipment and conventional engines and machinery.  

For information on how XSNANO can improve your machinery and reduce costs contact Lubrication Solutions Pty Ltd in Brisbane or one of their distributors. Google XSNANO for more information.  

Trade enquiries welcome. 

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