Cotton picker saving money using XSNANO to reduce costly repairs

XSNANO protecting farm equipment

Cotton picker avoids break-downs by using XSNANO additives

John Deere 7760 (550 HP.) fitted with Hydro Transmission which holds 400 litres. of Hydraulic oil. John Deere 8270R four-wheel-drive tractor (270 hp.) with IVT (infinitely variable transmission).

The cotton picker and tractor are approx. 4 years old. The cotton pickers replacement value today is approximately $1.1 mil.
Both are running XSNANO NLA (in all oils) and  NDA (in diesel fuel).
I use XSNANO Additives for several reasons. The main reason is the preventative maintenance and the possibility of at least doubling the working life of machines, as the cost of repairs plus loss of income through downtime today can be a costly business, more so when any repairs have to go back to the manufacturer  to be done and this could take weeks with the machinery not earning any income.
The fuel savings with the use of XSNANO is an added bonus that also compliments my machinery and reduces overheads, as I feel the fuel today needs added protection as most problems in engines to start in the fuel tank.
The XSNANO NDA diesel additive added to my fuel at the ratio of 1: 10,000 gives me peace of mind than I am protecting my fuel pump, lubricating injectors and giving the best burn possible, which in return is more power, less fuel used and a cleaner engine.
I am more than happy to continue using XSNANO in all our machinery and vehicles.
You simply can’t afford not to be using this technology these days.

Available online or through your local distributor.

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