Bi-Tron Aust Affiliate Program

Help us Help you (and earn some cash)

We have all been through some very tough times, and I am sure there are more difficult times ahead. We need to pull together.

What we need is, more people to be aware of XSNANO, so hopefully, we can get more customers, and what you could use is some EXTRA CASH.

So we have created an "AFFILIATE" program that is FREE to all customers who wish to register for it. Here is the link to register ( https://bi-tron-australia.bixgrow.com/register )

Once registered, you will be given a link to your own AFFILIATE page.

There you can fill in your details, and you will also receive your very own REFERRAL LINK. As well as keep track of "Clicks, Orders, Revenue, Commissions, Network, Payments etc.

This link is unique to your account and can be given to anyone via, email or social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc). The link will simply take people to our website where they too can read and learn about XSNANO and the benefits that can come from using these products, but it will "tag" you as the referrer.

Should they wish to purchase (totally optional) within 20 days, then 10% of their sale price will be paid directly to you. 

You could simply say something like "Hey #### Take a look at this stuff" with your link pasted into the message?

On your "AFFILIATE" page you can, fill out your details and how you wish to get paid? You can get paid into your bank account, deduct the amount from your next purchase etc.

We decided to create this to help each other.

We use it as a great way to advertise, and you can earn some extra cash or credit your account.

Either way, we can each benefit from this.

PS. You don't need to "SELL" our products, you just refer potential customers to our website so that they can discover XSNANO for themselves and make their own decisions.



XSNANO Affiliate program

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