XSNANO fuel treatments reduce costs

Time to reduce your fuel costs

Reduce costs by using XSNANO fuel additives

With fuel prices set to rise again, 2020 is time to reduce the fuel costs over your entire fleet.
Nano-technology applied to fuel and lubricants can now improve fuel efficiency by creating a cleaner and more complete burn of fuel. This combined with the advance in lubrication that reduces friction and wear can improve fuel economy by as much as 28% and reduce carbon emissions in all vehicles up to 98%.
XSNANO is distributed here in Australia & New Zealand by Lubrication Solutions Pty Ltd with 25 years of service in the fuel and lubrication industry.
XSNANO is added directly to fuel at a ratio of just 1; 10,000 (one mil per ten litres of fuel) and is completely safe to use, ship and store. Being non-hazardous XSNANO does not require any storage or handling modifications, XSNANO is non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-explosive and cannot harm any machinery, engines or fuel systems.
XSNANO can be used as an injector cleaner, fuel stabilizer, diesel bug treatment, power booster and fuel saver.
Trucks and road trains in Australia getting around 20-30% better fuel economy, increase in power and massive reductions in emissions.
XSNANO cost you nothing because it saves you far more than it costs.
"For decades we were restricted to using molecular engineering to solve lubrication and fuel problems, now using Nano-technology we can achieve what was impossible just a few years ago, and make fuel more efficient"
Work out your fuel bill over twelve months, then multiply that by just 20% and see how much money you could be saving.
XSNANO is simply added to fuel so there are no modifications to engines, fuel systems or plant equipment.
Just add XSNANO and start saving.
Companies using XSNANO to reduce operating costs can gain a competitive edge on their opposition. Companies not using the latest technology can simply fall behind or go out of business.
So do yourself a favour and research XSNANO fuel additives, better still, start using them and see the results for yourself.
For more information or details on Bulk Pricing, contact Lubrication Solutions Pty Ltd or Google XSNANO

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