Old days Service Stations

Old days Service Stations


The old daysIn the days before self-service pumps and convenience stores, service stations were more than just places to refuel your car. They were also community hubs where people could get help with their vehicles, purchase essential items, and even take a break on a long journey.

Service station attendants played a vital role in this by providing a range of services, often with no extra charge. In addition to filling your tank, they would typically check your oil and water levels, ensure your tires were properly inflated, and even give your windscreen a good cleaning. They would also be happy to answer any questions you had about your car or your trip.

This level of personal service made service stations a popular destination for motorists of all ages. It was also a great way to support local businesses, as many service stations were family-owned and operated.

Unfortunately, the rise of self-service pumps and convenience stores has led to the decline of the traditional service station. Today, it is increasingly rare to find a service station where attendants are available to provide these types of services.

Here are some of the benefits we had back then;

  • Convenience: You didn't have to get out of your car to refuel, and the attendant will take care of everything else. This was a big time-saver, especially if you were travelling with children or had a lot of luggage.
  • Peace of mind: You could be confident that your car was in good hands and that the attendant will check everything before you leave. This was especially important if you were going on a long journey or if you were not familiar with your car's maintenance needs.
  • Personal service: Attendants were typically knowledgeable and friendly, and they were happy to answer any questions you had about your car or your trip. They could also provide helpful advice on things like fuel efficiency and road conditions.

These days are gone now, and that is why it is so important to use XSNANO fuel and lubricant additives, to clean and protect your engine and fuel system.

You can see your vehicle's outside appearance, and give it a good clean when it is a bit dirty.

But many motorists forget about the most important part of your vehicle. THE ENGINE. After all without your engine, your vehicle would be useless.

Adding XSNANO to your fuel and oil not only saves you money by improving fuel economy and reducing wear and tear on the engine, but it also cleans and protects your engine and fuel system.

So make sure you add XSNANO to your cleaning routine and stay safe.

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