Questions about XSNANO fuel treatments

Frequently Asked Questions about additives

XSNANO additives are 'Highly Concentrated Fuel Additives and Lubricants' and the best treatments for Diesel, Petrol and every type of Oil. (Just 50 ml treats 500 litres of Fuel). 

NDA (Nano Diesel Additive) for Diesel.
NGA (Nano Gasoline Additive) for Petrol.
NLA (Nano Lubricant Additive) for all Oils, (Engine, gear, hydraulics, etc)

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Questions and Answers about XSNANO

Frequently asked questions by customers and potential clients. We provide answers to questions that most people want to ask. If you have any questions you would like answered please email us at sales@xsnano.com.au we can add them to our list.

Q - Can XSNANO increase vehicle power and will it be noticeable?

A - Yes, XSNANO can improve the power, and this should be noticeable immediately, the increase in power depends on the type of vehicle and fuel type but we would estimate between 10% and 34% improvement may result.

Q - Can XSNANO improve the octane / Cetane of fuel?

A - Yes, You should achieve an improvement in the region of 1 – 6 points Increase the octane rating of petrol by 4-8 RON (No need to buy High Octane fuel which is a further saving).

Q - How much is used per tank fill-up?

A - The mixture ratio is 1 part XSNANO to 10,000 parts fuel, (1ml / 10 Ltrs) so a 100 Ltr fill-up would require 10 ml of XSNANO (One mil per ten litres of fuel) You can shock dose the system at a larger quantity to clean injectors if you need to. It will not harm the vehicle.

Q - Will XSNANO invalidate my vehicle warranty?

A - No, Definitely not. XSNANO cannot void any warranties. The additives do not alter fuel from its required specification for use in your engines. We have found no situation where the XSNANO has taken any fuel out of it original required manufactured specification. XSNANO can extend the life of your vehicle by cleaning a lubricating your engine.

Q - Does XSNANO work with Bio diesel?

A - Yes, XSNANO can improve all fuels and engines.

Q - Is XSNANO just a detergent-like the many other products on the market?

A - No, the XSNANO products are unlike other products on the market, XSNANO improves the combustion of the fuel by adding hydrogen and oxygen molecules and breaking down the larger fuel molecules to increase the surface area of the fuel to be burned. This gives a more complete burn. Other products using detergents, although keeping the engine clean, do not improve the efficiency of the fuel.

Q - Will XSNANO give an immediate effect?

A - Yes. Unlike other products, XSNANO is not just an engine cleaner, which do take time to remove hard deposits. Although XSNANO does clean the engine, it also enables the fuel to burn more completely, something others do not do.

Q - How much money can I save on fuel?

A - Although there may be different savings on some vehicles, The XSNANO fuel additives can give up to 28% better fuel economy, and the XSNANO oil additive can give up to 10% better fuel economy. So by combining the two XSNANO products you should get the best results. And even if your vehicle only got 20% and fuel prices were $2.00 per litre the saving would be 40 cents per litre. And by using standard 91 instead of "premium" fuel you could save another 15 cents per litre. (XSNANO raises octane, so there is no need to buy "premium" fuel). Which is another significant saving.

Q - Can I sell XSNANO myself as a business?

A - There are several ways you can sell or refer XSNANO and earn money.

1) We have an affiliate program where you can get paid to refer customers see this link https://bi-tron-australia.bixgrow.com/register

2) If you are serious we also have distributors where you buy stock and sell yourself. Contact office for more information on that. https://xsnanoaust.com/pages/contact-us

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