Bi-Tron Australia and Lubrication Solutions P/L

Bi-Tron Australia and Lubrication Solutions P/L

Treat your engine with XSNANO NLA            When only the best will do.

Lubrication Solutions Pty Ltd (trading as Bi-Tron Australia), has been trading for decades.

We provide the very best lubricant and fuel additives in the world. Because we are not the manufacturer, we are not ‘shackled’ to outdated technology, or products that worked well thirty years ago. We are constantly researching and exploring the latest technologies and science to discover the very best products available currently.

There are so many different products and applications being sold today, that the average consumer finds it almost impossible to study, research and learn about different applications. Some of these products work reasonably well and others are not worth the effort.

Here at lubrication Solutions we don’t sell a mixed range of products then let you pick which ones to try. We have already selected the best and have secured the agency rights to distribute these products to you at the best possible pricing. This saves you time and money.

Over the past thirty years, we have been providing the best products which were developed using molecular engineering. But now we are using Nanotechnology which is far more advanced than anything we have ever seen before. Nanotechnology can achieve far better results than any other technology.

In the ‘old days’ we worked on techniques to reduce “sheer wear” (which is the friction caused by parts ‘sliding’ against each other.

Today, by using nanotechnology we can reduce friction and wear by using “Rolling” lubricant wear nanospheres of diamond create a ‘rolling’ action between all moving parts eliminating most friction and preventing wear and other problems that old lubricants cannot.

As our name suggests, we provide lubricants and fuel treatments that lubricate, clean and protect your engine, fuel system and machinery from wear and blockages. Allowing your machinery to function at the highest level of efficiency and provide longevity at the same time reducing carbon emissions. The best products to achieve this are XSNANO fuel and oil additives. The fact that XSNANO works so well that it actually can improve fuel efficiency up to 28% is a bonus.

XSNANO works so well that we can market it as a “Fuel Saver” and this gets peoples attention. But it is how the products achieve those results that are the key to its benefits.

Imagine a lubricant you purchase to maintain your equipment suddenly saving you far more than it costs. That is XSNANO.

The best fuel treatments and lubricants save between 20 and 30 per cent of your fuel bill and reduce maintenance costs as it works, then also reducing carbon emissions.

XSNANO is highly concentrated and results are gained using far less additive than older technology. This not only reduces the cost. But also reduces the storage space required to stock XSNANO. And because XSNANO is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-explosive and completely safe to use ship and store, there is no need for ‘hazmat’ materials or handling procedures.

The treatment ratio for XSNANO is only one mil per ten litres of fuel and one mil per one litre of oil. It is non “DG” so it is easily shipped anywhere, we can even deliver to PO Boxes with extremely low freight costs.

Do yourself a favour and find out more about XSNANO, and run your equipment more economically from now on.

No matter what oil you use, By adding XSNANO at just one mil per one litre of oil can improve the results with higher friction protection. TRY IT. You will see the difference yourself.

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